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Justdial Customer Care

Justdial is India’s leading search engine and offers information service to people across India. Apart from providing information to callers, Justdial also provides a few allied services which include Business lead services, buying of data etc. These services offer the Justdial clients an opportunity to maximize their business performance and increase their profits. The business leads provided by Justdial helps the clients to reach new customers and increase their clientele. Justdial Customer Care provides services to these clients who have taken these business lead packages and contracts from Justdial. The Customer care team consists of skilled and experienced professionals who are equipped to handle any situation and provide the best solution to the customers.

Following are the services undertaken by Justdial Customer Care

  • Attending of queries/ complaints received through phone / email
  • Placing a confirmation call after sign up of a contract
  • Queries related to contracts such as contract activation status/ balance information etc
  • Requests regarding changes in contract and feedback report
  • Taking care of enquiries regarding the reviews posted by callers on the Justdial website
  • Attending to complaints like not receiving leads/ less leads/ irrelevant leads / not visible on web/ no benefit etc
The Customer Care team is regularly trained on soft skills, phone etiquettes, problem solving etc. The turn around time for any problem is usually 24 hrs and the team adheres to this timeline and offer solutions which suit the customers. The team has a strong Pan India presence.

About Just Dial Limited.

Corporate Information Just Dial - one of India's leading local search engines was founded in 1996 by VSS Mani. Just Dial was created to provide people with immediate access to fast, reliable and comprehensive information on businesses, products and services across India. Our search service is available to users through multiple platforms, such as the Internet (justdial.com), mobile Internet (m.justdial.com), over the telephone (69999999 and 08888888888) and text/ SMS (08888888888).

Key Highlights
  • One of the leading local search engines in India
  • Large customer base and coverage across various cities and towns in India
  • Advanced and scalable technology platform
  • Consistent delivery of quality user experience
  • Experienced management team
Investors Just Dial has raised four rounds of strategic investments and has SAIF II Mauritius Company Limited; Sequoia Capital India Investments III, Tiger Global Four JD Holdings, Tiger Global Five Indian Holdings, EGCS Investment Holdings and SAPV (Mauritius) as investors.

Justdial User Testimonials for Mumbai – 20th April 2014

Justdial Customer Care has been recognised over the years as one of the most persistent and talented customer service in terms of providing information to it’s users and aiding it’s clients. Below given are some of the reviews and testimonials given by Justdial Mumbai users and clients as on 20th April 2014.

Name : Vikas April 14, 2014
Comments: It is best to get all your queries answered… May it be related to requirement of Machinery required for your business till the dealers required to sell your product.. you have all help on Just dial. Thanks Justdial for making business reach so easy.
City : Mumbai

Name : Seema Buch April 15, 2014
Comments: I have always found things easily with the help of Justdial since the time of their inception, when only phone calls were possible. Now it is even better with the net facility.
City : Mumbai

Name : Raju April 16, 2014
Comments: Nice job done by the owner of JD. I salute him for his cooperation for needy. Doing a good job for Indians.  I love JD !!
City : Mumbai

Name : Shashikant Mehta April 17, 2014
Comments: Whenever I call Justdial for any inquiry, immediately received answer from your staff. So I am happy with the service.
City : Mumbai

Name : Yasin April 18, 2014
Comments: Justdial is the best. Best is the small word, it is excellent & it helps us for many things. Good job, nice one…
City : Mumbai

Name : R Kani April 19, 2014
Comments: Justdial – name itself conveys the solution for every single click and dial….One end solution for all…
City : Mumbai

Name : ASIT MUKHERJEE April 20, 2014
Comments: I have found always any address or contact from Justdial since 2007, its really local search engine…. Justdial is really excellent !!
City : Mumbai

Justdial User Testimonials for Chennai – 10th April 2014

Justdial Customer Care has been recognised over the years as one of the most persistent and talented customer service in terms of providing information to it’s users and aiding it’s clients. Below given are some of the reviews and testimonials given by Justdial Chennai users and clients as on 10th April 2014.

Name : KARTIK S March 31, 2014
Comments: Justdial is the best search engine in India, You can say it is equivalent of Google in India.  It has the same impact. I am a dedicated user for last 6 years. I trust Justdial and nothing else for its fast and accurate information. THANKS Justdial for making life easier for me….
City : Chennai

Name : Prasadh April 1, 2014
Comments: I appreciate the wonderful service that you provide. Your company is by far the best company I have ever dealt with in terms of customer service. Your website is also great easy to navigate. Thanks so much for making customer service your priority !
City : Chennai

Name : Aruna April 2, 2014
Comments: Justdial has given the public with the best experience in receiving the accurate information for any of the searches starting from hostels, restaurants,…… and so the list is never ending. Thank you team.
City : Chennai

Name : Premila April 3, 2014
Comments: Excellent service by Justdial, good follow up. When I ask for the next service phone number after a month, they ask us to rate the previous companys service. Justdial phone number is always through.
City : Chennai

Name : S. MOHAN April 5, 2014
Comments: You think of anything anywhere, just in one dial we are getting within no time and thereby we can keep all matters on our finger tips.  It is so modern that it keeps pace with the new generation.
City : Chennai

Name : Sivakumar April 6, 2014
Comments: An excellent Service being provided by JD. Informing about the Dealers/Traders required through both Mail and Mobile. Common Public are gifted by these services.
Good & Keep It Up…
City : Chennai

Name : Deepa April 7, 2014
Comments: Just Dial is very helpful to find any details of any product and service in a fraction of sec. Thanks A lot for helping us to get the correct details.. You Guys rock.. Cheers!!
City : Chennai

Name : Shalini April 8, 2014
Comments: Only one search engine which gives all information. ie.. Justdial.. I love this site. thanks a lot for your service . I am using this service for more than three years.
City : Chennai

Name : Jinu April 9, 2014
Comments: Very fast and reliable app I ever use…if we have smart phone with Justdial app and net connection..we can go anywhere in India… Justdial is very useful app…..
City : Chennai

Name : Prof.H.Mohamed Salahudeen April 10, 2014
Comments: Justdial.com is a very great blessing to know on their table, where, what, and how to get things which they want. The customer care and treatment is excellent.
City : Chennai

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