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Justdial Customer Care

Justdial is India’s leading search engine and offers information service to people across India. Apart from providing information to callers, Justdial also provides a few allied services which include Business lead services, buying of data etc. These services offer the Justdial clients an opportunity to maximize their business performance and increase their profits. The business leads provided by Justdial helps the clients to reach new customers and increase their clientele. Justdial Customer Care provides services to these clients who have taken these business lead packages and contracts from Justdial. The Customer care team consists of skilled and experienced professionals who are equipped to handle any situation and provide the best solution to the customers.

Following are the services undertaken by Justdial Customer Care

  • Attending of queries/ complaints received through phone / email
  • Placing a confirmation call after sign up of a contract
  • Queries related to contracts such as contract activation status/ balance information etc
  • Requests regarding changes in contract and feedback report
  • Taking care of enquiries regarding the reviews posted by callers on the Justdial website
  • Attending to complaints like not receiving leads/ less leads/ irrelevant leads / not visible on web/ no benefit etc
The Customer Care team is regularly trained on soft skills, phone etiquettes, problem solving etc. The turn around time for any problem is usually 24 hrs and the team adheres to this timeline and offer solutions which suit the customers. The team has a strong Pan India presence.

About Just Dial Limited.

Corporate Information Just Dial - one of India's leading local search engines was founded in 1996 by VSS Mani. Just Dial was created to provide people with immediate access to fast, reliable and comprehensive information on businesses, products and services across India. Our search service is available to users through multiple platforms, such as the Internet (justdial.com), mobile Internet (m.justdial.com), over the telephone (69999999 and 08888888888) and text/ SMS (08888888888).

Key Highlights
  • One of the leading local search engines in India
  • Large customer base and coverage across various cities and towns in India
  • Advanced and scalable technology platform
  • Consistent delivery of quality user experience
  • Experienced management team
Investors Just Dial has raised four rounds of strategic investments and has SAIF II Mauritius Company Limited; Sequoia Capital India Investments III, Tiger Global Four JD Holdings, Tiger Global Five Indian Holdings, EGCS Investment Holdings and SAPV (Mauritius) as investors.

Justdial User Testimonials for Bangalore – 3rd May 2014

Justdial Customer Care has been recognised over the years as one of the most persistent and talented customer service in terms of providing information to it’s users and aiding it’s clients. Below given are some of the reviews and testimonials given by Justdial Bangalore users and clients about Justdial Customer care Bangalore as on 3rd May 2014.

Name : Yuvraj Srinivas April 26, 2014
Comments: To Be very Frank, Hats off to Justdial. Very useful and handy Justdial App. The telemarketing and information retrieval is awesome. on Emergency Relevant and genuine data is shared through the WAP or by SMS services. Really doing a Great job.
Thank you for all Ur Team members Answering with a Big Smile …
City : Bangalore

Name : Sony April 27, 2014
Comments: It is very much helpful to every persons daily life, business life, schools,hospitals, cinema hall etc there is much more which Justdial can help the people in this busy world makes things easier and better FANTASTIC SERVICE, ALL THE VERY BEST TO JUST DIAL FOR THE FUTURE with my personal experience.
City : Bangalore

Name : SRINIVAS BA April 28, 2014
Comments: Justdial indeed a good example of new way to achieve great success. Founder is a visionary to start the company in the right time to achieve what he wanted. In fact he is one of the greatest India entrepreneurs to dare dream big and made it. All the best !!
City : Bangalore

Name : ARYAN SUZUKI April 29, 2014
Comments: You get information from Pin to Plane instantly and the response is awesome. Call Center Executives will always have info. on their finger tips and it will be delivered to you before you blink you eyes.
They are 2nd to none. Thanks to them.
City : Bangalore

Name : Jkumar April 30, 2014
Comments: Excellent search engine, infact pioneers in search engines for information on almost anything and everything. It has replaced the directory we used to treasure so much. Information is just a call away.
The entire team of Justdial rocks…
City : Bangalore

Name : Sudhir Kr April 30, 2014
Comments: JD made everything easy, it’s been many times I’ve used JD. I always have confidence that any information u ask JD, it will help you. Thanks Justdial for everything. Its been like a good friend to me to check with at any point of time.
City : Bangalore

Name : Rajshekar May 2, 2014
Comments: One of the best place to look for details which is very instant, very useful and time saving and very convenient and genuine. I always use Justdial for all my needs recommend others to try to see what I am saying true or not.
City : Bangalore

Name : Mohammed Sadiq May 3, 2014
Comments: JUST DIAL is a business asset. My search to promote safety shoes, coveralls and gloves in Sultanate of Oman wouldn’t be possible without the help of just dial. Thank you very much to JUST DIAL AND ITS TEAM.
City : Bangalore


Justdial User Testimonials for Ahmedabad – 27th April 2014

Justdial Customer Care has been recognised over the years as one of the most persistent and talented customer service in terms of providing information to it’s users and aiding it’s clients. Below given are some of the reviews and testimonials given by Justdial Ahmedabad users and clients as on 27th April 2014.

Name : Vishal Tiwari April 17, 2014
Comments: Justdial has become the necessity to manage time in the current scenario where people do not want to waste time in non productive activities…It gives me Wow experience when I do not have to bother  about saving contacts of Service Providers around me and access it through the Justdial App and it always serves you more than ur expectation…!!!  Its a must tool for all smart people.
City : Ahmedabad

Name : S S Thakkar April 19, 2014
Comments: Justdial provides very good service .I am very much satisfied with the service provided to me from time to time when I have asked for.
City : Ahmedabad

Name : Parth April 20, 2014
Comments: I think this is the best way to find anything & Anywhere. I love whole experience of Just dial, continued to use it. Thanks…
City : Ahmedabad

Name : Yash Raja April 22, 2014
City : Ahmedabad

Name : H.G.Nanavaty April 23, 2014
Comments: An excellent forward looking efforts of modern technology usage to help those who are need of it. Great and honest efforts.
City : Ahmedabad

Name : Lalia Ghosh April 25, 2014
Comments: The website is so user friendly and now getting info. about the businesses in my area is do easy.,Just a click away.
City : Ahmedabad

Name : Kuldeep April 25, 2014
Comments: Very very good services, whenever I am stuck somewhere, always found Justdial with immediate help and assistance.
City : Ahmedabad

Name : Johshi April 26, 2014
Comments: The best service provided by this site..It seems that all cities are familiar …
Thanks for Justdial services.
City : Ahmedabad

Name : Harsh Karkar April 27, 2014
Comments: JD is best search engine for anything, really you rock JD. Your Services are very helpful and excellent.
City : Ahmedabad

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